Nursing Department

Nursing is an essential part of the health system, where nursing services have evolved over the decades until it reached the advanced level of health care for patients, and exceeds the number of nursing staff members at Al-Ahli Hospital to (200) two hundred nurses, distributed in the various sections of the hospital and provide comprehensive care for patients respects physical and psychological as they define the patient and his/her family and provide them with the necessary guidance to his/her health as well as ways to prevent disease and improve the health status to the fullest.

Documenting and recording all the services provided to the patient and the data related to the main functions of the department of Nursing process it is also considered.

And the structure of nursing department in the Ahli Hospital consists of the following:

  • Nursing Administration: composed of the Director of Nursing and his deputy, and working to develop organizational plans and distribution of nurses on different sections of the illusion of responsibility in the various sections and management is evaluating the work of supervisors and department heads, as the Department of Nursing to provide suggestions to the director general of the hospital on the development of services and develop education and training programs in order to develop a private nursing services and hospital services in general, as one of the main tasks of the department of nursing to ensure effective ways to apply the ethics and behavior of the profession.


  • Nursing  supervisors: They follow up on various business related to patient care and provide nursing services to them.


  • Heads of Departments of Nursing: and their mission is to make sure that the highest level of nursing services provided to patients and follow-up carried out by the crew working and the  president or head of the department will act as a liaison between the department and its employees and management of nursing , as well as overseeing the receipt and delivery conditions of the patients in each section and arrange shift schedule and the training of new nurses.


  • Continuing Education official: a high scientific expertise and the process of working on the sessions of indoor and outdoor workshops for the benefit of the largest possible number of medical staff working in the field of nursing, is also working on the training of cadres at all modern medical devices in coordination with medical engineering.


  • Adjutants Nursing: their mission is to provide services for patients like their feed and take care of personal hygiene direct to them and follow up. It also adjutants cleaned medical instruments and follow up on the needs of the department and secured.