Endoscopy Unit

The unit where all endoscopic operations are executed, such as:

  •  Bronchoscopy to ensure the safety of the respiratory tracks and to diagnose health problems that effect this organ, in addition remove any impurities that may enter the respiratory tract due to various accidents.

  •  Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy which is the most common operations of the works of this unit where all stomach and colon problems are diagnosed to make it easier for therapy procedures, such as peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

  • E.R.C.P a scope operation that is used to diagnose gallbladder, pancreas, and liver tracks through the stomach.

  •  Arthroscopy heart of the pharynx, which is diagnosed the problems that affect the heart chambers and to identify the necessary treatment to them.

Recently been adding new services for this unit and foremost of which is the cultivation of a balloon inside the stomach in order to overcome obesity, where the recently introduced this service and is the only one in the southern West Bank, adding to the removal of esophageal varices endoscopic service.