Ahli Hospital Receives Medical furniture donated by the OPEC Fund for International Development OFID

As a completion to the big project of OFID in Al- Ahli Hospital - Hebron, by the equipping of (7) operating theaters with the total cost of approximately one million dollars in 2015, where OFID department for surgery was expanded by adding one hundred twenty medical beds with their furniture, as well as these surgeries are arranged by the nature of specialization knowing that Al-Ahli Hospital Includes a broader surgical specialties nationwide, including the (Open-heart surgery, General surgery, Orthopaedic surgery, Surgeons arteries and veins, Brain surgery and nerves system, Kidney and Urinary tract, Nose surgery Throat, Orthognathic surgery, Teeth and facial, Eye surgery, Plastic Surgery,Pediatric surgery, Surgeons everyday situations, etc..).


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