About Us

In 1988 P.F.S. starts building Al-Ahli Hospital  with over (30,000 square meters) to include a total of (304) beds, aiming to achieve the strategic goal that was set by the general assembly of the organization.

This project has been completed and equipped with the latest equipment also developed strategic plans for its expansion and development aiming to meet  the needs of the community and to provide distinctive services needed by the Palestinian citizen.

Today the Hospital is working with the capacity of (250) beds, which will become (304) beds by the completion of the project, It can be lifted easily to (500) beds in emergency situations.
The Hospital has (600) staff members working in all departments.




The hospital is dealing with more than (160,000) One hundred and sixty thousand patients per year of which more than (24,000) admissions. The Nursing College in the hospital with its teaching program gives three diploma specialties which is (Nursing / Midwifery /anesthesia technicians).