Al-Ahli Hospital Under Occupation



since Al-Ahli Hospital was opened in 1993, It received martyrs and wounded of the victims of this brutal occupation. Few months after its opening the Hospital received dozens of them after the massacre of the Ibrahim Mosque in Hebron. It also received hundreds of wounded during events on subsequent and they still found the Intifada going on so the hospital still receives occupation victims. The number of martyrs who were received during Al-Aqsa Intifada alone was, (140 dead, and over 4000 wounded).

Occupation raciest practices caused lots of pain and suffering to our people, It prevents medical teams from reaching the hospital where the percentage of blocking medical teams sometimes goes to 45%, the case of low occupancy rate that reach about 30% for long periods, causing a large deficit to the budget of the hospital, the thing that has a negative impact directly on services of the Hospital.

Although despite all of the above-mentioned points, it is still our obligation toward the wounded and prisoners to treat all victims of occupation for free, and this is the least we can do for the sake of our just cause.