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Al-Ahli Hospital - Hebron - Palestine





Established on 1976, as a non-governmental, non-profit and non-politicized organization, the strategic goal is to raise the level of health services in Hebron district in particular and in Palestine in general.

The organization was officially registered under the registration number 497 dated 11/04/1977 in Jordan and the West Bank under No. 78/35 dated 30/05/1978, it has also been registered with the Ministry of Interior of the Palestinian National Authority under the number E/404/CE dated 18/02/2001.

It began its activity by opening a medical center in Hebron downtown in 1977, which included medical clinics and specialized medical laboratory with radiology department.

Then the opening of the emergency center in "Ein Sara Street", which was appended to Al-Ahli hospital which was opened in 1993.

In the meantime, the organization was working on the preparation of plans to build a large hospital to meet the needs of the province, which is the largest district in size and number of population in Palestine.

The organization's vision:

Provide high quality services and economic within the international standards to meet the needs and expectations of the Palestinian society.

Al-Ahli Hospital:

The organization starts building Al-Ahli hospital in 1988 on a surface of (30,000 m 2) to include a total of (304) if the project finishes its bed strategic goal which the Assembly originated from him.

This project was completed and equipped with the latest equipment also came up with plans to create and operate services depending on the needs of the community and to provide special services needed by the Palestinian citizen.

Al-Ahli Hospital works today with a capacity of (250) beds, which will be (304) beds by the end of the project, this number of beds can be easily raised to (500) beds in emergency situations.

At the hospital over 600 employees, who are working in Al-Ahli Hospital in all its medical, paramedical and administrative departments.

The hospital deals with over (160,000) patients a year, including more than (24,000) cases enter the different departments.

At Al-Ahli Hospital all medical specialties are available as it is in any advanced hospital in fact the hospital has medical specialties that is not available in any other hospital in Palestine, such as electro physiology unit to deal with electrical heart problems and catheter cerebral catheterization in addition to the only licensed Nuclear Medicine unit in Palestine.

Belongs to the Hospital the collage of nursing in which three specialties are taught (Nursing /Midwifery /Anesthesia technicians).

At the Hospital, a residency program is available (specialization), in cooperation with the Palestinian Medical Council and the recognition of the Arab Medical Council in which (6) major specializations (Obstetrics and Gynecology/ Anesthesia/ Internal Medicine/ General Surgery/ Orthopedic/ Pediatric). In addition to a training program for students of medicine and nursing schools in Palestinian Universities also a training program for Palestinian university in general.

Dr. Hafiz Abdul Nabi Center for Continuing Education: The Centre provides

  1. Training courses in several specialties for the development of medical services at the enterprise and national level in collaboration with several institutions.
  2. Advanced courses in cardiopulmonary resuscitation for pediatric and adults.
  3. Courses in the field of trauma and multiple injuries management.